Saskatchewan immigration program

Khanh Vo (anonymous)

hi Trang,I’ve already been aware of Saskatchewan Immigration Program by franchise an operating business ( restaurant, beauty shop,…) to get a Work permit via some Vietnam agents but seem they have to go through another RCIC or lawyer. As I know you are an RCIC living in Saskatchewan so I want to contact directly to youo. I look foward to hearing from you for more information about this immigration.

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Trang Do

Hi Teresa (I guess your name is Teresa),
I do offer work permit application services via business investing/owner-operator option in Canada. Please book a phone call appointment for the consultation of this program and we’ll discuss further.
Here is the link for appointment (please choose either Work Permit or LMIA category or Business/Entrepreneurship/Investor Programs)
Due to Covid19, all of our consultation services currently have 50% discount. Thanks.


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